Massage at Beautique Sevenoaks

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Beautique Sevenoaks 69 London Road,  Sevenoaks Kent TN13 1AX

Bookings and Enquiries:  01732 456151

Full body massage

Helps relieve stress,calms tense muscles and improves

blood circulation.    

Back, neck and shoulder massage

TH. Stone Therapy

TH. Stone Full Body Massage

TH. Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Waxing at Beautique Sevenoaks

Beautique use the PHD waxing system as it's the only waxing system available that eliminates the chance of cross-contamination for leg waxing. For all other waxing we use Harley hot wax, these methods will reflect in our waxing prices.

We now use "Harley" traditional hot wax on all areas except legs. It pulls out hairs as short as 1mm and contains Rose as its main ingredient, for those with sensitive skin. It sets on the hairs rather than sticking to the skin, resulting in no painful pulling.

Luxury Waxing

Those of you suffering from in-grown hairs and dry skin will enjoy our luxury waxing which prepares the legs for waxing by body brushing, exfoliating and finishing off with a soothing leg massage, for an extra £6.00.

Hot stone massage this treatment goes beyond the physical experience of a typical massage and enters a deep dimension of relaxation, health and well-being creating a positive approach to body, mind and spirit philosophy.

1 hour £70.00

30 mins £42.00

45 mins £40.00

45 mins  £40.00

1 hour 25 mins  £58.00

Indian Head Massage

A holistic traditional massage therapy using  essential oils

and stress relieving massage movements incorporating

the head, neck and shoulders. This Treatment is based

on traditional Indian massage techniques passed down

from generation to generation.    

30 mins.  £30.00

Any two areas of body waxing including legs receive a £6.00 saving  

Any three areas of body waxing including legs receive a £10.00 saving  

Tel: 01732 456151

Price includes scalp 45 mins booking.


Traditional Hot wax

Half Leg Wax

Upper leg

Three-quarter Leg Wax

Full Leg Wax

Underarm Waxing (Traditional hot waxing)

Bikini Line Waxing (Traditional hot waxing)

Thong Bikini Line (Extended bikini line /inc. top of bikini line)     

Extended Thong Bikini Line

Brazilian (All off with a landing strip)

Hollywood (All off)

Chest Waxing

Top of Arms

Back Waxing

Half Arm Waxing

Full Arm Waxing

Full Face Waxing including Lip (Excluding Eyebrows)

Lip Waxing

Chin Waxing

Lip and Chin Waxing

Tummy Waxing

Back scrub, Back, Neck & Shoulder  

and scalp massage.

1 hour booking  £57.00

30 mins £32.00






















Back scrub, Back, Neck & Shoulder